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Patients With Uterine Cancer Overlooking 9/11 Benefits May Now Be Able

Tammy Kaminski was one of the volunteers after the 9/11 attacks. She had volunteered for 8 hours every Saturday for nine months. There, she was exposed to carcinogenic toxic substances like benzene which is a by-product of burning jet fuel, asbestos from the lingering smoke and ash. She is a chiropractor who lives in West Calvin, New Jersey. More.

COVID-19, 9/11 and public health: OSHA failed in late 2001, and the Supreme Court just tied its hands again

In the days and weeks and months after terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, heroes who engaged in rescue and recovery efforts breathed in toxic air. Tens of thousands of those workers have been sickened, and thousands have died. More.

Convocation speaker shares personal 9-11 experiences and says, ‘become better citizens and stop fighting each other’

A Snow College vice president talked about his personal experiences on 9-11 and challenged students to become better citizens and stop fighting against each other in a speech last week. More.

Anthony Greco, son of late 9/11 first responder, now part of father’s beloved Rangers

Anthony Greco pulled on a red, white and blue jersey Thursday night at SAP Center in San Jose, Calif., and skated in his first game with the Rangers, the team he grew up rooting for after inheriting his fandom from his parents, Paul and Mary Jane. More.

Former Police Commissioner Ray Kelly granted 9/11-related disability pension

Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly was granted a 9/11-related police disability pension, The Post has learned. The Police Pension Fund approved Kelly’s application during its Wednesday evening meeting, providing the former top cop with three-quarters of his $200,000 salary, according to documents obtained from the meeting. More.

The US is safer from jihadi terrorism 20 years after 9/11

The international jihadi terrorist threat to the United States is down since the al-Qaida attacks of 20 years ago. Not through war or other uses of organized violence, but through cooperation, use of legal and financial tools, and strengthening homeland defense and resilience. More.

Firefighter with 9/11 cancer has new hope after bone marrow transplant

Brian Kevan had a proud career with the FDNY and didn't think twice when he responded on Sept. 11, 2001. "If tomorrow that call came in, I'm going in," he said. "This is what comes with the job." More.

20 years later, it’s way past time to shut down the immoral Guantanamo Bay prison

Incarcerating the first alleged terrorists in the Guantanamo Bay prison on Jan. 11, 2002, was a fear-driven, immoral act that merely gave other terrorists more reasons to want to attack the U.S. And now things are worse. More.