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Free N95 masks and at-home COVID tests: Here’s how to get them

The Biden administration launched its website Wednesday to provide up to four at-home COVID tests per family, and the administration is also planning on giving away 400 million N95 masks beginning next week. Here is how you can get your free N95 masks and at-home COVID-19 tests from the federal government. More.

Pedestal poured for 9/11 memorial

A planned 9/11 memorial in downtown Mountain Home recently took another step towards completion with Street Department workers pouring a concrete pedestal on the Veterans Plaza. More.

What’s a life worth? Presidential Lecture Series guest to discuss his role leading 9/11 victims fund, others spawned by tragedies

Washington, D.C., attorney Kenneth R. Feinberg might not be well-known beyond the Beltway. But his remarkable work the past 35 years as the nation’s leading mediator in the most complex disputes and compensation claim cases certainly is. More.

Ex-Cantor Broker Barred From Invoking 9/11 in Defense to SEC

A former Cantor Fitzgerald LP broker was barred from bringing up 9/11 as part of his defense against SEC charges that he illegally split commissions with another employee. More.

Gitmo's Shameful Twentieth Anniversary

The U.S. prison at Guantánamo Bay reached its shameful 20th anniversary this January. Its legacy is the detention of nearly 800 Muslim men and boys, most without charge or trial. Many have been tortured. More.

Who is Vince Pankoke? Anne Frank cold case investigator helped re-trace 9/11 hijackers

Anne Frank's family must have had hopes to successfully stay in hiding until things in the country improved. They might even have made it out alive, if not for someone who betrayed them. Who told the Nazi officers about their Secret Annex? More.

9/11 survivor whose best friend died on 89th floor of South Tower reveals she spent a 'decade' unable to look at images or hear stories of attacks while overcome with grief

A 9/11 survivor who was overcome with grief after her best friend was killed in the South Tower has revealed she spent a decade unable to even look at pictures of the attacks. More.

Patients With Uterine Cancer Overlooking 9/11 Benefits May Now Be Able

Tammy Kaminski was one of the volunteers after the 9/11 attacks. She had volunteered for 8 hours every Saturday for nine months. There, she was exposed to carcinogenic toxic substances like benzene which is a by-product of burning jet fuel, asbestos from the lingering smoke and ash. She is a chiropractor who lives in West Calvin, New Jersey. More.