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  • Webinar: Loss, Grief and Coronavirus
    Alongside the coronavirus pandemic we are also experiencing a pandemic of grief. This webinar will explore and normalize the grief resulting from the many types of loss due to the coronavirus and will discern healthy and unhealthy grief beliefs
  • Reducing Stress Through Mindfulness
    This Wednesday, July 22, 2020, VOICES welcomes Mickie Brown, RN, HN-BC to discuss Mindfulness in the Time of a Pandemic and Social Unrest. This webinar is part of the VOICES Coronavirus Response Program, is free and open to the public.
  • Webinar Creating Emotional Resilience during COVID
    Join us for an interactive presentation by Mel Schwartz, psychotherapist, marriage counselor, and two-time TedTalk presenter. What could be more essential than learning to cultivate your emotional, psychological and relationship resilience?
  • VOICES June Highlights
    The past few months have been the most difficult period many of us have ever faced in our lifetime. While in the midst of a global pandemic, we have witnessed the senseless killing of George Floyd, followed by peaceful protests and ensuing unrest.
  • Wishing You Health and Happiness
    We are all in this together! A phrase that rings true since our communities began enforcing social-distancing due to the COVID-19 virus. Typically, spring is a time of rebirth and renewal, when we gather to celebrate family traditions.