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  • Dr. Gurwitch: Ripple Effect of Trauma
    Have you or your children been impacted by mass violence? Working with children affected by tragedy? Would you like to learn about the long-term effects of trauma, and how to promote resilience? If so, join us on January 23rd for an informative webinar.
  • VOICES 2023 Year in Review
    As we begin the new year, we are proud to share VOICES 2023 Milestones! This past year marked important achievements. Our partnership with subject matter experts has enriched our programs to provide long-term support, education, and training.
  • VOICES January Newsletter
    As we begin 2024, our staff remains committed to providing meaningful support for victims’ families, responders and survivors, while collaborating with public-private partners to educate and train community stakeholders.
  • VOICES 2023 Annual Appeal
    VOICES provides long-term support for thousands of victims’ families, survivors and responders and shares lessons learned with other communities - helping them prepare for, respond to and recover from acts of mass violence.
  • Seeking Serenity and Joy During the Holidays
    Join us on December 12 as we discuss helpful ways to find some happiness and peace during the holiday season. Together, we will explore strategies to embrace our memories and tap into our inner strengths.