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Dr. Gurwitch: Ripple Effect of Trauma

Dr. Gurwitch Presents: Ripple Effect of Trauma
The Ripple Effect of Trauma
Understanding and Supporting Those Impacted by Mass Violence
Presented by Dr. Robin Gurwitch
Tuesday, January 23rd - 7:00pm EST
Have you or your children been impacted by mass violence? Are you working with children affected by tragedy? Would you like to learn about the long-term effects of trauma, and how to promote resilience?
If so, join us Tuesday, January 23 at 7pm for an informative webinar – The Ripple Effect of Trauma: Understanding and Supporting Those Impacted by Mass Violence presented by Dr. Robin Gurwitch. The webinar is free and open to all.
The impact of mass violence spreads like a boulder thrown into a calm pond. It affects those directly involved, including survivors, family members of those killed or injured, responders, and the entire community where the event occurred. It has lasting mental health effects, which can range from adverse consequences to posttraumatic growth. Dr. Gurwitch, a clinical psychologist with nearly 30 years specializing in the effect of trauma on children, will discuss the impact of mass violence and suggest ways that can contribute to healing and recovery, both short and long-term.