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  • Advocating for Aviation Safety Reform
    Join us in conversation with Karen Eckert and Susan Eckert Bourque, sisters of VOICES Co-Founder Beverly Eckert who died tragically, along with 49 others, when their plane crashed near Buffalo, New York on February 12, 2009.
  • Join Us for VOICES February Webinars!
    This month, we are rebroadcasting The Ripple Effect of Trauma with Dr. Gurwitch. Also, we're launching VOICES Presents: Accidental Advocates and we begin by highlighting the efforts of Beverly’s sisters, Karen Eckert and Susan Eckert Bourque.
  • VOICES February Newsletter
    VOICES is excited to announce the our new series, VOICES Presents Accidental Advocates. We begin the program by recognizing the advocacy efforts of Susan Eckert Bourque and Karen Eckert, along with the Families of Continental Flight 3407.
  • VOICES Building Bridges Luncheon
    Join us on April 10th for our Building Bridges Luncheon, honoring Bob Woodruff, Emmy Award-Winning Journalist and ABC News Anchor. VOICES Building Bridges Award honors individuals who are making a difference in the lives of others.
  • Encore of The Ripple Effect of Trauma
    Join us for the re-broadcast of Robin Gurwitch’s presentation on The Ripple Effect of Trauma on February 20th. Robin discusses traumatic stress, how immediate and long-term effects of exposure to trauma vary among individuals.