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February 21, 2020

Guess I knew all along He'd take His angels home for He loves them too much to let them stay. Guess I knew all along He'd take His angels home but I didn't know it was gonna be today. We love and miss You Vinny more than You will ever know.

Posted by Christina Wilkerson

Anonymous (not verified)

February 21, 2020

I knew your son Vincent for only a short period of time. I was one of the people who graded his master's degree project when he was at Stanford. Vincent was a bright star that was just getting started in his career. When I heard that he passed away in the Trade Center, my heart was broken. I just want to pay my respects to Vincent and let you know I will never forget your son, his great personality and what happened to him on 9/11.

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Place of Residence:
New York, NY
Location on 9/11:
Marsh & McLennan | Business Analyst
The New York Times Portraits of Grief
The Vincent M. Boland Memorial Fund

Marsh Memorial Dedication


Vincent grew up in Ringwood, a small suburban neighborhood in New Jersey. As a teenager he would visit the city on different occasions, but his true love of New York became irreversible when he became a student at NYU. Vincent traveled many places and saw many things in his short 25 years, but he always carried New York in his heart. In June of 2000, he traveled to California to attend Stanford University to attain his masters and he thought he might stay awhile.

However, in June 2001, with his masters in hand and the demise of Silicon Valley, the great lure of New York again pulled him back home. He quickly secured a job with Marsh and McLennan on the 97th floor of Tower 1. He was a business analyst developing technology solutions. He had just started out on a wondrous life and career. He was a quiet person, humorous, a good friend, highly ethical, and extremely capable. The world lost a brilliant "star." Vincent will long be remembered by his family and friends for his irrepressible humor, his never ending friendship, his furrowed brow, his comical cynicism, and his angst with style. He was definitely a very remarkable and distinct individual. Once you knew him, he could not be forgotten.

And so our tribute to our son and brother Vinny does follow:

Ode to Vincent #2
"This one's for you" It is now six months since that faithful day
And they try to tell us that we will be ok.
But we're not so sure that they are right
Because you are gone and we have lost our light.
An angel way up high they say
You are always with us both night and day.
But we cannot hold you and hug you tight
And our hearts just ache all through the night.
Your life was lost to help us all
A "Freedom Angel" that's what you're called.
Your death was surely not in vain
Because freedom will win, over all this pain.
It will take time to see the light.
It will take time to be all right.
But in the end three thousand strong
Freedom will ring out loud and long.
And we must never forget the sacrifice you all have met.
Your lives for freedom that is true
Wrapped in the colors of red, white, and blue.
Each night a tear or two will fall
To remember why, you died for all.
Freedom, truth, love, and light
That's the reason we do fight.
So Vincent, now's the time to take
And raise the gauntlet high
To make us see what we must do
So that no more may die.
Good night Vincent.
Love, Mom, Dad, Erin and Greg