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I'm so sorry to learn of the devastating loss of Todd. He was a kind and well-behaved young man destined for great things. May God grant you the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Published by Melba Jones

I have been thinking so much about Todd as the tenth anniversary arrives. What a blessing he was in the life of anyone who knew him. I think of the many games he played at WRA with my brother Sean and the advice he gave me about a situation as we sat talking in Woodhouse common room. What an awesome man! My prayers are with all of you as you deal with the loss each and every day.

Posted by Amy Donnelly

I remember Todd s infectious smile and joyful personality fondly every 9/11. I only knew him in seventh grade but we had a great group of friends! Each year we honor and remember 9/11 and the lives of the people it claimed including Todd at a ceremony that my students lead...may God bless your family now and always.

Published by Michelle R. Lippe Wadley

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Place of Residence:
New York, NY
Location on 9/11:
Fiduciary Trust International | Vice President
The New York Times Portraits of Grief
Todd C. Weaver Scholarship Fund

Fresh from a one-year teaching job in Japan and a wealth of travel in the Far East, Todd Weaver and his college sweetheart wife loaded up their car in 1994 and headed to Chicago to try their luck in the big city. He didn't have a job or a home, but it didn't take long before the Ohio native made his mark in Chicago's financial world. "He was one of our rising stars, the youngest senior consultant we've ever had," said John Ellwood, chairman of J.H. Ellwood and Associates, a Chicago investment company where Weaver worked from 1998 to 2000. "He was a marvelous guy, mature beyond his years. But he wanted to go to New York to make his fortune." Armed with a master's degree from the University of Chicago, Weaver, 30, secured a coveted job as a vice president with Fiduciary Trust Company International. He moved to New York City last fall with his wife, Amy. Marilyn Weaver said her son was ambitious, but also a caring man with many friends, a sharp mind and a dry sense of humor. "New York was his dream," she said. "It turned out to be a nightmare." Her son was in his office on the 94th floor of the World Trade Center's south tower when the first jet sliced through the north tower. He called his wife in a panic. About 15 minutes later, the second jet hit his building.

Profile courtesy of THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE.