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February 24, 2020

Dear Mrs. Stout and family -We just wanted to let you know that are people out here still praying for your family husband and your loss. We live in upstate New York. My husband s cousin also worked for Cantor Fitzgerald and we lost has well. Shortly after this we were in church and there was a prayer tree which held the names of all of the victims from that day. We were asked to select one of the names from the tree and to pray for that person and their family. We randomly selected Timothy Stout. We have prayed regularly for you and him ever since and always pray for you all specially on September 11th as well as our lost cousin - Joseph Hasson III. So as we are once again remembering each of you on this day again I wanted to let you know you were thought of and prayed for - blessings to you all-The Paton family

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In Remembrance
Place of Residence:
Dobbs Ferry, NY
Location on 9/11:
Cantor Fitzgerald | Quality Assurance Specialist
Hobbies and Special Interests:
cross country skiing

Timothy C. Stout, 42, did the family's laundry, made fabulous garlicky corn on the grill, popped popcorn with the kids and grilled pork chops with a secret coating. It has been hard for Mrs. Stout to try to take over any of those activities.

A few months after Mr. Stout, a quality assurance specialist at Cantor Fitzgerald, died at the World Trade Center, his children — Timothy Jr., now 7; Matthew, 5; and Shannon, 4 — made a list of the 10 Best Things About Daddy:

1. He grilled well. 2. Hugs. 3. Funny. 4. Birthday party and cake. 5. He loved us. 6. Kisses. 7. "Thank you and good night!" (His favorite phrase to encourage the children to go to sleep already, Mrs. Stout explained.) 8. Snuggling. 9. Surprises — movies, treats, adventures. 10. We love Daddy.

"That's pretty much who he was," Mrs. Stout said. "He was Daddy. He had this job because it was a safe job, and he could be home for dinner every night."