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I never knew Firefighter Thomas R. Kelly but have been inspired by his bravery and sacrifice he paid that day in 2001. I have a FDNY bracelet with his name on it that I wore for at least 2 years after 9/11 and still pull out and wear in the days before and after 9/11 every year. I have 2 beautiful babies that I will show the bracelet to when the time is right and I ll explain to them the sacrifice that Thomas Kelly and his brethren made that day. God Bless Thomas Kelly and all of the others who risk their lives to protect others. Never Forget.

Published by Randy Allen

I didn't know Thomas but I bet he would of made a good friend also I commend his bravery and his valiant service and my prayers go out to his family and I hope that we never forget the sacrifices they made. Never forget.

Posted by Ethan R. Robbins

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In Remembrance