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You've been on my mind very heavy lately.. even as I write this I can't stop crying. I just want you back for one day. There is so much going on that I wish you could be here for. To go from seeing someone almost everyday and having to accept the fact that you'll never see them again isn't easy. I know you're in a better place you don't have to hurt anymore I just miss you so much. I miss your hugs I miss seeing your smile. I miss waking you up at the crack of dawn so you can make me eggs (smile.) No one makes them like you. Things would be so different if you were here. Annette made Mckayla and I a photo album with pictures of the three of us I look at it everyday. I love you so much and I miss you.

Posted by Tyra Wilkes

Angelene and my sister Sharon Carver were good friends and and co-workers at the Pentagon. Sharon also died on 9/11 at the Pentagon. Sharon always talked about how wonderful, kind, and loving Angelene was and how much she enjoyed working with her. She also told me how much in love Angelene and her husband were. Not only were they husband and wife but best friends. Sharon said he would call Angelene at work and joke around and make her laugh all the time. You could tell how much they loved each other. Sharon also told me how Angelene s husband stopped the plane just to kiss Angelene goodbye before she went on a business trip. Sharon thought that was so sweet. I hope Mr. Carter and his family are living a happy and fulfil life because that is what Angelene would want.

Published by Sylvia Carver

Hi Sharon,
Geesh I miss you so much. I have cried over and over because I miss you. I was told the other day that I have breast cancer and I am really scared but I know I have to stay strong for my babies and my family. I know that God would not put anything on me that I cant handle. The only reason Im scared is because its cancer and thats scary...but I am being strong you would be so proud of me. I haven't cried but two times but I think about it very often. Beaver and Annette have been so supportive and I am so glad...I know if you were here you would be too. My pre-surgery is sometime this week and hopefully the surgery can be next week...I do have to go through chemo and radiation but no worries I'm ready to tackle all that's coming my way....I'M A SURVIVOR. I just want to live my life to the fullest from this point on...Annette and Beaver are taking me on a nice Caribbean vacation afterwards. I love you and miss you much...I know that you are looking after me....smooches :-)

Published by Tangie

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