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Bob was an active member in his community dedicating his spare time with Little League & the CYO Basketball program. He was a great guy and is missed in his hometown of Washingtonville NY.

Posted by Mike & Mary Ann Levy

Today (9/7/13) my husband and I participated in a 9-11 Commemorative Stair Climb in Panama City Beach FL. The venue - the stairwell of a 22-story condo. Up and down we went - 5 times! Each climber was issued a lanyard bearing the name and photo of a fallen hero. I was honored to wear Robert Hamilton's. I couldn't help but stand in awe of his courage and dedication as I trudged up those steps often being passed by a local firefighter dressed in full regalia. As the anniversary of that fateful day approaches I will remember Robert and the loving family he left behind. May God bless you.

Posted by Sayre Steere

I am a BC for the City of Asheville Fire Department. I am at FDIC (2015) and am participating in the stair climb to remember those who lost their lives on 9/11. I was given Bobby's name and I will climb to honor him. Also, by chance I ran into Chief Danny Sheridan who delivered a class to our department. He noticed my tag and said Bobby was one of his closest friends. What an amazing happenstance to run into Chief Sheridan and get to know Bobby. I'm blessed to climb in his honor.

Posted by Dan Flinn

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Place of Residence:
Washingtonville, NY
Location on 9/11:
Fire Department of New York | Firefighter, Squad 41

FDNY Memorial Day Book

Christ The King HS

Robert Hamilton‚ NYC Fire Fighter‚ Squad 41 Bronx‚ New York. Bob was born on January 16‚ 1958‚ the son of a New York City firefighter. He grew up in Ridgewood‚ Queens‚ NY.

Attending local schools‚ he met his wife Elizabeth at Christ the King High School in their junior year. Married in 1985‚ they had two children‚ a son Robert‚ Jr. and a daughter Christine.

Bob worked hard to become a firefighter and chose a post in the Bronx where he would be of most service. He would spend his whole career‚ from Probie to firefighter‚ in the 41 House. One of the most senior men in his house‚ Bob was the organizer of service to the community and the annual Christmas party; that was his main event.

Bob worked hard to help others and to everybody he was bigger than life. To his family‚ Bob was husband and father‚ the role he cherished most.

Bob lost his life tragically while trying to help others in the line of duty on September 11th‚ 2001‚ at the World Trade Center.