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Gerry and I knew Fr. Mychal for 22 years...when he left St. Joseph's, West Milford he gave me all the newspaper articles about him and said "you ll know what to do with these". So an album was started...we kept in touch via phone calls and letters (Mychal refused to use the computer!) I 'm glad I saved all his notes and letters which are in the album as of his last notes said "I ll call before you go out into the garden"...he is so missed.

Posted by Ashley

I am so sorry for the families lose and if kevin's family reads this i want to say thank you to him and his brother for being true heroes to america that day. I would like to know more about what happened on September 11.

Posted by Ashley

Pray for Us all Fr Mychal! Remembering you at Mass on 9/11/2013. I met your dear friend Sister M. Lawrence osf we spoke of you at length! Pray for us All......

Posted by Fr Albert Oneto

Mychal, 12 years.......I will never forget how God sent me a "Saint" to mentor me.......not that you were perfect but you embodied "His" love perfectly. I miss you and will love you always........

Posted by Rose

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