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I met Chief Downey at the Fire Museum in Manhattan and he was suppose to speak for an hour. Well 3 hrs later I left as one of the most informed volunteer firefighter in New York State. His knowledge memory and commitment will never be forgotten.

Posted by Gary Horowitz

It had to be the worst tragedy ever and losing Raymond Downey was a terrible loss but being honored to have known him and being friends of the family was a blessing.

Posted by Gloria Miele

Chief Downey, you will never be forgotten. Every time a firefighter rolls out the door for a Heavy Rescue call, you are always there with us.

TO the family of Chief Raymond Downey, I am sorry for your loss.

Posted by John Moore

I was as shocked as his sons when "God " did not emerge from some crevice but we are sure he saved many lives and may he rest in peace.

Published by Tony

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