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Does anyone know where the love of God goes

When the words turn the minutes to hours
Gordon Lightfoot
I've picked up a pen a few times in the past 4 months to write something ---it's hard to do. What do I remember about Phil? ---it has been more than 8 years now. I remember a lot: his love of music and his near obsessive need to share with others that which has excited him, his quick and expansive intellect his love of conversation and story telling where fact and fiction at times intertwined, his love of flying his love of food (yes Phil loved a good steak) and his love for his family. Phil loved life---seeing hearing, and feeling new things. I believe Phil crammed into his life a lot of living and I believe that is what God intends for us to live fully to feel, hear, experience, support and love one another. I expect God was very pleased with Phil

Many have and do ask where was God on that September morning. I believe he was there along side each everyone and certainly along side Phil to bring him home to listen to some great music.

Rest In Peace Phil

Posted by Rod MacKenzie

Phil was one of my best friends 2nd grade thru 10th when we moved away. We got into trouble joined a church choir in junior high, went to formal dance lessons, had a group called the Toads, rode bikes, shot peas through pea shooters, played in the Mission Woods off Elm Street... I recall him learning to play the Banjo.

He always had a great sense of humor.
He will always be a part of me.
God bless Joan and their daughter Stephanie.

Posted by Larry Maland

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In Remembrance