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February 24, 2020

To Peter Vega and Family,

Last weekend I participated in a 9/11 stair climb challenge in Portland, ME, commemorating the fallen heroes of that day. I prepared for the challenge by using the stairs to go up to my office building and used the stair master more at the gym. I felt good and I knew I would be able to climb the 110 flights with ease. What I was unprepared for, however, was how Peter Anthony Vega would leave an imprint on me that day. I was assigned a picture of a firefighter to pin on my shirt and carry up and down those 110 flights I climbed that day. What I thought would be a test of physical endurance became an emotional one. Climbing the stairs, I grappled with emotions of pride, sadness, and joy- knowing what a great life Peter must have lived. I felt honored to wear his name and picture on my shirt. I then researched Peter s life and I have been completely inspired by his stories. What a selfless, kind, and heroic man. I also read about Peter s service in the USAF- and as my fiance is a newly commissioned Officer in the Air Force and I am just a few weeks away from moving to Pensacola, FL to live with him, I couldn't help but feel that being introduced to Peter this way is a harbinger of wonderful things to come. Thank you for your sacrifice and service Peter. An even greater thanks to his family who has had to make sacrifices as well. May I live up to your example.

Posted by Anonymous

Anonymous (not verified)

February 24, 2020

Just decided to go the site late tonight. This is after reading my brother's blogs over the last couple of years and going through all the sorrows since 9/11. Somehow I feel that Petie is always with us and that he has guided us to some semblance of happiness over the last few months, after enduring all the pain of losing all my beloved family. Now there is Michael and his beautiful little family, David and us.

We have each other and have some of the most wonderful and funny and sidesplitting and unbelievable memories. Some people don't even have the memories. So I guess we will continue to muddle through and laugh and cry when we think of them all. Saw James Taylor on Sunday at a benefit in Charlotte and cried at the words of his beautiful songs - always thought I would see you again.

Yes I will Yes we all will - see each other again. And God Bless all the souls who understand and a pox on all the other idiots who will never understand.

Posted by Maureen Rosenberg

Anonymous (not verified)

February 24, 2020

Hi Maureen

I read your entry here and another one on another guest book and my heart aches for you. Today, I'm the mother of three boys and I can't even imagine losing any of my children. It is a parent's worse nightmare. I remember the immense love you had for Petie and the adoration in your eyes for him.

I had the pleasure of going out on a date with Petie before he got married. I'm glad it happened because I got to know Petie, the man. We had dinner at the Seaport and hung out just walking in the city and laughed and laughed...and laughed. He was funny adorable and a gentleman. I have to tell you it was by far the best date I had ever had! I'm glad you've found some happiness even though I know time will never heal the pain. As time goes by we have no choice but to get used to living without some of our loved ones. And yes Maureen, I am one of those people who believe we will all one day see our "Gone but not Forgotten Loved Ones" again. Please take comfort in knowing that Petie lives on through all of us, even me, whenever we talk of him and share our memories of him. I'm on Facebook and have alumni friends from Bishop Ford and teachers on there too. We also have a special Prayer Page and we are putting the names of anyone who perished on Sept 11th on this page and I wanted you to know that I am adding Petie on there to honor him. God bless you and your family Maureen.

Posted by Olga Cheo Iglesias

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Place of Residence:
Brooklyn, NY
Location on 9/11:
Fire Department of New York | Firefighter, Ladder 118

Peter was a wonderful husband to Regan and a terrific dad to Ruby. He was the best son and brother anyone could ask for.

He spent 6 years in the U.S. Air Force and was a veteran of Desert Storm. After being honorably discharged‚ Peter became an ironworker with Local 40 in NYC. He became a firefighter in July 1995. The entire time Peter went to night school and graduated with a B.A. in Liberal Arts in the spring of 2001.

He will always be in the hearts of all who knew and loved him.

– Regan Grice-Vega

Peter was a NYC firefighter for 6 years‚ assigned to Ladder 118‚ Brooklyn Heights. He and 7 other members of his firehouse were lost on 9/11.

He was born in San Juan‚ Puerto Rico‚ and was very proud of his Puerto Rican and Irish heritage. He was raised in Brooklyn from the age of 3. He was dyslexic‚ thankfully diagnosed at an early age‚ but managed to overcome his handicap. He graduated with honors from high school at LaSalle Academy‚ New York City. He proudly served 6 years in the Air Force‚ serving as support during the Gulf War. On return to New York‚ he worked as an ironworker until he was called to the fire department.

At the age of 36‚ he had reached goals he set for himself. He had finished his college degree from City College of NY‚ found the work he loved‚ married‚ purchased a home‚ and had a daughter Ruby‚ who was 2 years old on August 8. He was a loving‚ kind‚ and generous son‚ husband‚ brother‚ grandson‚ and true friend to all who knew him.

– Maureen Rosenberg (his mother)