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My husband participated in the Oklahoma City Memorial Stair Climb in honor of Paul Keating. It was such an amazing thing to be a part of.

Published by Crystal Sellers

To the family of Paul Keating... My sincere condolences on the anniversary of 9/11. A few years ago at a ski resort near my home in Belmont Michigan there was an event called "The Healing Fields" where a flag was placed for every life lost on that horrific day.It was a sight to behold and hopefully the picture that I've attached comes through for you. For $50 you could purchase a flag (to be picked up at a later date). Each flag had a short memorial written about the person and I picked Pauls name I think because of the fact that he wasn't even on duty that day but was there to help anyway. The flag stands in my garden and is slightly faded and torn but is such an awesome tribute to Paul who I'm sure was a pretty great person. I hope you find some peace in this. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Published by Amy Moran

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