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Sorry Michele

I didn't know this site existed until today. I hate to think that nobody has written about you here. You were my best friend and I still miss you terribly seven years on. Every day I think of you and wish you were still here with us.

Sue xxxxxxxxxx

Hi Michele just to let you know I gave the braclet you were saving for Lizzie on her 18th .... she loved it x always thinking of you - Shelley xxxx

Published by shelley beale

I rode my bike on the 911 memorial run this week and I was randomly given your name to ride with me on the run .. which is amazing n a sign from God ..look at my last name ..God b with you was my pleasure riding with u

Published by john Beal

Hi Mich, Just wanted to say hi. Its been a few years now but I always think of you. You were the best friend I had growing up. We spent every minute we could together and I wish I could bring back those times. Love you always. Jackie xxxxxxxxxx

Posted by Jackie Gregory

Thinking of you and your lovely parents and family today and sending love xx

Posted by Jane Owen

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