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Place of Residence:
Old Bridge, NJ
Location on 9/11:
Marsh & McLennan | Fire Prevention and Risk Consultant
Hobbies and Special Interests:
NY Giants
NY Rangers
NY Mets

"Have I got a boy for you!" Lori's father's assistant, Gloria, exclaimed to Lori while she worked part time over the summer. Lori, 17, and Mark, 20, were setup on a blind date. Litte did they know they were about to m eet the loves of their lives. They were both open to the blind date and liked one another from the start; they got along wonderfully and six months later at the age of 18, Lori knew "it was a done deal." Lori and Mark got married a few years later. Lori stated, "we were babies" referring to their ages on their wedding day; Lori was 21 and Mark was 23, but they knew it was right. Mark's favorite color was blue, hence his blue tuxedo on their wedding day!

In Community College, Mark studied Design Drafting. He was advised that the field was a dying field, so we went back to college, to Pratt University, and graduated as a Mechanical Engineer.

Mark thoroughly enjoyed playing basketball and softball. He was a huge sports fan to say the least. His collection of hats was remarkable. Mark loved to collect things; he had a collection of "wacky ties" that we would wear to work. In addition to his hat and tie collection, Mark is remembered by his Donald Duck love! He had a Donald Duck watch which he loved.

Mark and Lori are proud parents to Melissa, Adam, and Jamie. They suffered the loss of their son, Adam, when he was 3 months old as a result to Down Syndrome.

When Lori was asked to describe Mark she stated, "his sports and his family...that was Mark."

"BASHERT," means "it was meant to be." This Jewish saying is so appropraite for Lori and Mark's love and life together. From the first day the met, they were perfect for one another.