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My name is Gabrielle Palmeira. I'm no on special. But I'm going around and honoring the loved ones that passed. I'm sorry that Leah passed from that tragic accident but I hope the best for your entire family. Sincerely, Gabrielle

Posted by Gabrielle Palmeira

My thoughts and prayers are with you this morning as the news of bin Laden's death is being broadcast. Leah and Patrick were such fine individuals from a wonderful family.

Thinking of Leah, such a shining star, and all that love her and miss her at this time.

Posted by Amy Carol Roberts

On this day and every September 11th, my thoughts go to you. We were never friends. Our lives intersected but only one brief season in a youth basketball league. I was a few years younger than you and remember viewing you as a role model -- soft spoken and nothing but kind. After that season, our paths never crossed again. But on that tragic day the news traveled quickly in our small town.

Today, I live in Brooklyn and work in NYC. I see all that loved about this magnificent city. Clearly, you are lovingly remembered by many... this message is to remind you and your loved ones that even those tangentially connected to you remember you and think of you in the most positive of lights.

Posted by Anonymous

I work at CS STARS and while I wasn't working with STARS in 2001, I see Leah's smiling face every day in a collage created by CS STARS colleagues to remember those lost on 9/11. Her smile and spirit touch me every day.

Posted by Barb Devine

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