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Claudia; my Mom and I thinking of my beloved Dad after 11 years. We love you and miss you.

Posted by Alejandro Henwood

Claudia my Mom and I thinking of you now that 11 years have passed. Seems like yesterday when we last saw you. We miss you and love you and you shall never forgotten.

Posted by Alejandro Henwood

I can't believe it's almost 10 years. How is that possible? It doesn't seem real. I've just viewed your tribute page for the first time as all of the info was just uploaded by the dedicated souls at Voices without whom this whole project would not exist. As I read it and can see all the letters and photos DNA forms your eulogy your birth & death certificate the "missing" flyer that Dave and I distributed for days following 9/ just really hit me that you are gone and never coming back. My heart aches for you everyday and thoughts of you surround me daily. I wish I could share with you the joys & pains of parenthood my first grey hairs our saturday morning ritual with Alejandro laughing about Wilton High School days or me being banned from your fraternity by you...and on and on and on. I wish you knew my husband Dan and my son Ben. I long to hear you laugh. I worry whether we have done you justice pay tribute to your life. I doubt it but we have tried. You live on in your children Alex & Claudia and my real hope is that you will come alive to them on these pages somehow. You live on in them and I will always seek to remember your life rather than the tragic way you died. I love you big brother and my friend. I miss you and I am so grateful to have had you by my side for as long as we did..the six of us will never be the same. God speed until we meet again. Tara

High School was a short period of life yet such a significant time. I will always remember John, adorable. Thinking of you and your family.

Posted by Jennifer Russo

I had the most vivid and precious dream about you recently, my friend. It was quick, but there you sat hanging out with Dave Keefe on a couch at a party, an event that occurred perhaps too often to count. You were bright and laughing, and wore that beautiful smile. It is a dream that thankfully lingers. I miss you old friend. My loving thoughts to your family near and far. God bless.

Posted by Meg O Donnell

We are heading to a Notre Dame football game this fall with my two sons - Stephen and Brady. I no doubt think of the time that Matt and I met you out tailgating on your "work weekend" celebrating the ND game, drinking a Heineken on a coach bus that was glamorous and chic (something I never knew existed). Matt and I still laugh about that weekend, and how much fun we had, and how somehow fate had it that we would bump into you after you left me a message saying "I ll be in a coach bus by the JACC". Little did you know there were hundreds of buses there, and in the days before cell phones we somehow just connected. It still makes me smile thinking back on that day. Given how much younger Matt and I were than you, it was one of the first times we met "the party John" we had heard so much about. Ha!

Posted by Anne Hudson Blaes

The devilish twinkle in your eyes amplified the sparkle in your smile and resonated loudly with the sound of your laugh - forever John.

Published by Tom Hudson

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