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I would like to pay tribute to Dorothy Temple who was killed on 9/11 in the World Trade center. On 9/11/13 I rode my motorcycle in honor of her in the 2 Million bikers to DC ride.

Published by George Moore

Aunt Dee you are greatly missed. You are gone but never forgotten. May you rest in peace... I love you

Posted by Ericka Lowman

For days no one saw or heard from you. It was soon that your neighbors realized your absence was because of this horrific event but I prayed that you may have just been hurt but would be okay. Reality set in and we had to accept that you were gone. Although your necessary had already moved out and you lived in your apartment alone the memories I keep are you were their guardian and if it wasn’t for you I would not have had those childhood experiences to remember. You are missed…Rest In Heaven.

Posted by Shaniqua

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