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Chris- I don't know why but I miss you so much lately. I always miss you of course but it s been particularly hard lately. I'm older than you now- how about that? It makes no sense to me you re always my big brother. But it's been 7 years since it all happened and writing this it feels like yesterday. I have a daughter now, she looks like you, she has the eyes. We named her after you (well, your middle name, back when you were Sam). It's been so hard trying to live up to Mom and Dad's expectations what everyone wanted me to be in your absence. I wish you were still here - life would be so very much happier if you were here. Your kids are doing well enough and Susan is good. I miss you so much though I will never get over it. Love J

Posted by Jonathan Gardner

Chris - you were my first boss and you remain the yardstick against which I have measured myself and every boss since my days at Aon. Everyone who has ever worked for (and with) me hears the story of my first day at Aon when my chair was broken and my boss rolled up his sleeves, got a can of WD40 and a screw driver and fixed it. I also recount what you said to me immediately after "No one is this office is too important to fix a chair, get coffee or make copies. If you are in the best position to get it done then it is your job." Chris you taught by example and that example lives on. Thank you.

Posted by Lauren Peduzzi

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