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February 21, 2020

Dear Carol

You are truly missed by all of us left behind. Father Christopher Keenan called earlier this month. He has been our stronghold. Marilyn, Mark and I talked on your birthday, December 23. I thought about you throughout the day of your birth. You made your mark here on earth and many have said that you are a saint. I believe that, too.

You were a Secular Franciscan and lead your life according to those principles. I remember your stories about the homeless teenagers to whom you gave your money. You cared. You lived simply. You took care of many elderly who had no one to care for them. You visited them in the hospital and lovingly saw that they received a proper burial.

You were a Lector and Eucharistic Minister, bringing "Jesus in your pocket" to everyone including our Mother. Though mom had been ill for a while she was a fighter who intended to keep on living surviving to experience the grief on September 11th and dying on November 30 2001 of a broken heart.

She told me the grief is too heavy on my chest two days before her death. Father Chris was there for your memorial services and for mom's funeral.

As the founding Directress of the Creativity Group at St. Francis of Assisi on West 31st Street in New York City, you saw the empty foyer of the Franciscan Friary and dreamed of what it could be. Your dream opened over twenty-one art exhibits in this foyer which became the Carol La Plante Gallery at St. Francis of Assisi. Proceeds of sales went to support the Breadline at St. Francis. Your Creativity Group decided to dedicate the space in your honor, opening The Carol La Plante Gallery near the first anniversary of September 11. I looked forward to each new exhibit opening at the gallery since it brought those who loved you together to celebrate you and your dreams.

The exhibition space was closed during the construction of the new apartment tower which is now adjacent to the church. The Gallery has never reopened. The plaque dedicating the space in your memory is missing. This part is painful and my hopes of fulfilling the dreams that you wrote in your Creativity Group notebook have been put on hold.

Your music, art, poetry, and journalism (commemorated by your Alma Mater St. Joseph's Commercial High School) are our treasure that I want to share and publish. You were so humble that I never knew that you were valedictorian of your graduating class of 1959!!!

I read this on the graduation program that I found in your scrapbook of your high school years. You taught fifth grade at St. Francis Xavier School on President Street in Brooklyn, New York. One of your students, Kathleen Lane met me for lunch. I've lost her contact information but the stories that she told me were priceless.

I could go on and on about the beautiful and talented lady that you were; however I will suffice it to say that you helped to raise me and took pride in all that I have accomplished as well as all that your nieces and nephews accomplished. I never realized that you adopted a missionary child whose birthday was the same as mine and read in your writings that you wondered how you would fill the void when I went away to college.

You have given me many gifts including the love of music, poetry, reading and writing. I know that I carry you with me in my heart always. You are always by my side.

Love and Prayers (Carol always signed this way)

Your sister


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Anonymous (not verified)

February 21, 2020

Carol, you will never be forgotten by me. I have found a friend in your precious sister, Jeanne...she is so like you. Thank you for the happy memories of SJC.. .Stay close to my son, Sgt. Pete

Posted by Jo-Ann Maginnis

Anonymous (not verified)

February 21, 2020

Carol was very special to me.we went to St. Joseph's HS together and our favorite meeting place was the Chapel..I will never forget you with the Angels and Peter

Published by JoAnn Maginnis

Anonymous (not verified)

February 21, 2020

Carol was our creative secretary at Doyle Dane Bernbach. She was a joy to work with and truly a kind and gentle soul. We will miss you Carol.

Posted by David Warren

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