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Dear Candace, You are beautiful. You have inspired me to write my AP Language and Comprehension narrative essay on you. Even thought I don't know you I feel like I do because I have written this essay. You are missed by many

Posted by Lavinia Doan

I am in 8th grade and was 1year old on 9/11 and i am so sorry for your loss. My school is learning about 9/11 this week and we saw this website and are sending messages to the the lost souls of 9/11. Just wanted you to know that i am recognizing your loved one today.

Posted by Winslow Student

Dear parents of Candace, I'm a 8th grade student. The day of 9/11/01, I was only 4 months old. I'm so sorry for your loss. Today I wanted to reach out to a family and you were my first choice.

Posted by Winslow Student

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In Remembrance
Place of Residence:
Danbury, CT
Location on 9/11:
The New York Times Portraits of Grief
Candace Lee Williams Memorial Scholarship

Candace Lee Williams was twenty years old on September 11, 2001 when she boarded American Airlines #11; she was a five year co-op student at Northeastern University in Boston Mass., where she resided. The program was designated to work in the field from January to June and attend school from the end of June to December. Candace Lee majored in Business Administration, where then she was going to become a stock broker. In her sophomore year, Candace Lee worked Merrill Lynch in New York City from January to June and lived at home in Danbury, Connecticut.

She had an apartment in Dorchester, Mass. and attended Northeastern, in June 2001. In her freshman year she had received the presidential award and was high honors. At the end of June 2001 Merrill Lynch wrote a letter to Northeastern saying "please send five more like Candace". The last day of work they took her out to dinner and sent her home to Danbury in a limousine. She was beautiful, bright, and witty with great personality and always helped those that were underachievers. She truly was a special girl that was defantly on her way to a greater avenue of life.

Candace just got done with exams and had a week off before the next semester began. The day, Tuesday Sept. 11, 2001 she boarded AA #11 to visit her roommate at her fathers house in California. Friends of hers from high school were flying also from other parts of the state, where they attended other colleges. They were going to meet Candace and rent a convertible and have their pictures take at the sign "Hollywood" but unfortunately Candace never made it on that horrific day. She left her mother Sherri and brother Corey who was ten years younger at the time. I just felt I need to explain where Candace Lee was in her life and didn't perish in the World Trade Center Building but on AA Flight #11