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I happened upon the memorial of your daughter Astrid in researching a class for Forensic Nursing. I was moved by your love for her being your only daughter especially. She appeared very bright engaging and so full of purpose and life. Although it has been years since her passing I just wanted to let you know that your loss was felt albiet not to the degree that your grief goes but nonetheless your sorrows were and continue to be mourned by countless people the world over. I am sorry for your loss on Sept 11, 2001 and today June 11, 2012

Posted by Bridget Carney

Astrid, I am happy to have met you at Raritan High school in Hazlet & glad we were friends alotta laughs..I was devestated while workin as a supervisor (ironworkers) & being a first responder to the WTC to find out you were among the missing. The whole time i was there not a day went bye that I didnt look for you!!! So sorry I didnt find you!!! until we meet again...Rest in Peace Sweetie...xoxoxo Binky

Posted by Brian "Binky"Hayes

Dear Mr & Mrs. Sohan,
It was a pleasure to meet you in Cape Cod this summer. I am praying for you today as you remember and celebrate Astrid's life. She is surely with you. Take care

Posted by Nancy

Astrid was my favorite client and a true friend to me. I always looked forward to her visits at the Salon on 33. I miss her smiling face so much...

Posted by EJ Adams

Astrid you have left a lot of us with wonderful memories. May your parents, family & friends hearts slowly heal with wonderful memories of you. God must have needed a special Angel.

Posted by Nitza Evans

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Place of Residence:
Freehold, NJ
Location on 9/11:
Marsh & McLennan | AUP

Astrid Sohan can best be described as a realist who “shoots from the hip;” she assessed situations and reacted to solve them. She spoke openly about any subject, and she expressed her feelings plainly. Yet, she was lovable calling family and friends just to say hello, staying in touch. She was quick to say “yes” to help anyone in need.

Born on September 25, 1968 in Georgetown, Guyana, South America, Astrid Elizabeth Sohan was born to the parents of Barbara and Clive Sohan. Realizing there were better opportunities in the United States, Barbara and Clive immigrated to Brooklyn, New York in 1969. Astrid, her grandparents and two aunts joined Barbara and Clive in Brooklyn, on December 13, 1971. Astrid was an only child, went to Holy Cross Catholic school during her elementary years, in Brooklyn. She and her parents moved to Hazlet, New Jersey on November,1978. She attended Rairtain Valley Elementry School, and went on to Hazlet High School.

She attended Brookdale College for one year and then began working at IFF. During her endeavor at IFF, Astrid’s boss told her that she was wasting her talent; she was efficient, decisive and very good with the computer programs. Astrid decided to take computer courses. She became proficient with the programming aspect of the computer. She left IFF and began working with a consultant firm specializing in computer programming. On one assignment, Johnson and Johnson offered her a full time position in the capacity of Computer Specialist. She remained at J & J for 3 years.

January 1996, Marsh & McLennon offered Astrid a manager’s position. Astrid was torn between the security of Johnson and Johnson, and the new opportunity with Marsh & McLennon. After weighing the possibilities, she finally accepted the position with Marsh & McLennon. March 1, 2001, Astrid was very excited, at age 33, she had attainted the position of Assistant Vice President in the Computer Department. Before turning 30 years old, Astrid played soft ball and tennis. She also enjoyed delicious foods, especially chocolate.

Similarly, she also bought the things that she loved. After turning 30 years old, she started cutting back on the rich foods and spending. She then met Mark through a friend. They fell in love and decided to live together. After two years, in the summer of 2001, Astrid and Mark started to plan their wedding. Astrid was so organized that after her death, Barbara and Clive found all her documents easily. They were all filed in labeled folders in her file cabinet. Her life was in order just like her files. She was dieting, she created a budget plan, she was just promoted, and wedding plans was in the process.

A week before September 11, 2001, Astrid and her parents had taken a family photo; something that they hadn’t done in years. She was a great person who gave her time to others while fulfilling her desire.