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Brooklyn, NY 11235
United States
Dedicated to:

Honor New Yorkers of Russian descent who lost their lives in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Contact Information:
Victims Listed:
Vladimir Savinkin

The memorial plaque reads, 'In loving memory of New Yorkers of Russian descent who lost their lives in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.' This sentiment is echoed in the words of project coordinators, Mr. Valeriy Savinkin and Mr. Roman Gertsberg, who added that this is a place where one can sit and 'meet the souls of those who left us' and 'to preserve the memory of our loved ones.' Pictured above near the entrance of the sitting area, these two gentlemen continue to work toward the site dedication date anticipated to be Spring 2005. Despite the winter cold, visitors still come to honor family, friends and neighbors (see picture below) Reason site was selected: According to the group, this site is ideal as it is accessible to family and friends who live nearby in the close-knit Russian community. The site on the ocean side and is within walking distance to the sights and sounds of Coney Island. Nestled under the shade of the park trees, the organizers are pleased that it is adjacent to a children's playground, park pathways, playing fields and a community concert area. The site is uniquely visible and part of a public park yet the trees and site design provide a feeling of shelter and peace as the soft sound of children's voices at play envelop the site.
Events planned for site: The group intends to have an official dedication ceremony in the spring 2005. Other dates of remembrance will likely be the anniversary of September 11th and special days such as birthdays and personal visits. The group intends to expand the area in collaboration with the parks department. Efforts to raise additional funds are on-going with the hope to expand plantings and install a sprinkler system. Immediate next steps include setting the plaque and filling the area with colorful flowers.
Do you believe your memorial is a sacred place?: Mr. Savinkin and Mr. Gertsberg feel that this site is a sacred place and intend for it to be a comfortable place for people to sit, reflect and to meet each other.