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7:00pm to 8:30pm EST
Online Workshop

Building Resilience Workshops: Remembering the Big Picture | 2021


Voices Center for Resilience is excited to present a series of interactive workshops titled, Building Personal and Community Resilience. Over the course of five consecutive weeks, the workshops explored and experimented with a variety of practices that will help to identify and manage stress, face daily challenges, and build more compassionate relationships. The training addressed the core elements of resilience and identify and apply strategies for building individual and community resilience.

The workshops were facilitated by Katherine Manners and Carolina Bautista-Velez, OVC consultants, two of the foremost authorities with decades of experience in trauma-informed practices to promote resilience.

Each workshop will be held from 7:00pm – 8:30pm EST on the following dates:
Week 1: Thursday, April 29th - What is Resilience?
Week 2: Thursday, May 6th - Mindfulness and Self-Compassion
Week 3: Thursday, May 13th - Developing Resilient Relationships
Week 4: Thursday, May 20th - Gratitude and Appreciation
Week 5: Thursday, May 27th - Remembering the Big Picture

About the Workshops
What is Resilience?
Thursday, April 29th
In this workshop participants will consider the context of current events on their ability to cope. How does the role of resilience help to manage the negative effects? Are people born resilient? Participants will gain an understanding of resilience, both in the immediate and long-term, as something that can be learned and developed.
  • Define the concept of resilience
  • Explore the five core components of resilience
  • Identify the benefits of resilience
Mindfulness and Self-Compassion
Thursday, May 6th
In this interactive workshop, participants will learn about mindfulness and self-compassion, and how to use them as tools to become more present, treat themselves with kindness and compassion, and handle emotions with greater ease.
  • Identify two strategies to gain understanding emotions
  • Explore three practical skills of mindfulness
Developing Resilient Relationships
Thursday, May 13th
In this workshop, participants will explore the importance of relationships in their overall well-being. We will examine the benefits of strengthening connections, as well as the importance of setting healthy boundaries.
  • Identify the elements of meaningful relationships in your life
  • Develop three strategies to cultivate strong social supports
Gratitude and Appreciation
Thursday, May 20th
This workshop will help participants to learn and embrace the power of gratitude and appreciation as tools to increase well-being. Attendees will learn about the physical, psychological and interpersonal benefits of these practices and how to apply them in daily life.
  • Develop two strategies to cultivate optimism and hope
  • Identify three ways to develop a practice of cultivating gratitude and appreciation
Remembering the Big Picture
Thursday, May 27th
So often, our energy and attention can be hijacked by the headlines, an annoyance, a perceived slight, that ends up ruining our day. In this workshop, participants will focus on the “big picture” in their lives. Discerning what is important and meaningful and how to keep that priority.
  • Explore personal values
  • Identify 3-5 skills of resilience that resonated from the previous workshops
  • Set S.M.A.R.T. goals associated with skills of resilience

About the Facilitators
Carolina Bautista-Velez
Carolina Bautista-Velez, an Office for Victims of Crime consultant, holds a degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Social Psychology. She has nearly two decades of experience working with governmental and nonprofit organizations in the areas of trauma-informed services, crisis intervention, diversity and inclusion, theories of change, community organizing, social and language justice, conflict resolution, and mindfulness practices.
Katherine Manners
Katherine Manners, M.Ed., LMFT is an Office for Victims of Crime consultant, a therapist and co-founder of Resilience Works, providing training and consultation to agencies providing support to survivors of trauma. Katherine has worked in the field of victim services for over 30 years, providing individual, family and community support services, including as a crisis responder in NYC following the 9/11 attack.


Our Thanks to the New Canaan Community Foundation!

The Building Personal and Community Resilience workshops are funded in part by the New Canaan Community Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund. VOICES is grateful for their generous support of our work that benefits so many.