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Place of Residence:
Franklin Square, NY
Location on 9/11:
Fire Department of New York | Firefighter, Engine 33

Firefighter Robert Evans was born in Mineola‚ New York on April 27‚ 1965. He was 36 years old and unmarried. He served on the New York City Fire Department for seven years with great pride and to fulfill a desire to help people and serve the community.

In his youth‚ his avid interests included magic‚ fishing‚ and dancing. Later on‚ Robert had a great passion for playing hand ball which helped to fulfill his need for individual competition and an outlet for his boundless energy. Here he dispensed advice‚ some wit and wisdom to younger players which was appreciated. His energetic personality led him to compete in the 1986 New York Golden Gloves where he was voted ‘Fighter of the Night’ after winning his second fight in the featherweight division. His teammate was Kevin Kelly who went on to win the WBA Featherweight Championship.

Years later‚ Robert‚ as a New York City Firefighter‚ visited Kevin at his training camp where Kevin presented him with an autographed photo which was inscribed ‘To Rob‚ Always Stand Tall.’ Little did Kevin realize how tall Robert would eventually stand.

In addition‚ Robert tried skydiving which he loved but was convinced by his mom and sister that he would get sufficient excitement by being a New York City Fireman‚ and‚ so as a result‚ he turned toward a surprising but no less enjoyable passion‚ to improve his culinary ability in taking his turn to feed his brother firemen. He was successful by virtue of his gaining 30 pounds in less than a year.

From early childhood‚ his endearing quality of a keen sense of humor carried on into his career in the Fire Department to the extent he was nicknamed the ‘Jerry Lewis’ of Engine 33.

Last‚ but not least‚ Robert will always be remembered by a striking dimpled smile. His greeting upon meeting him‚ or upon saying goodbye‚ and that proved to be most prophetic was‚ ‘If there is anything I can do for you‚ please let me know.’ His desire to help others was fulfilled tragically on 9/11/01 along with 342 brave comrades.

He was loved much and will be greatly missed. Robert is survived by his mother Christina‚ his father Edward‚ and his sister Jeanne.