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Before I begin I would just like to introduce myself. My name is Shane Garland and I am a junior in high school this is addressed to the family of Jonathan J. Uman I am very sorry about this tragedy even after all these years the pain still feels the same. If I could say one thing to him it would be thank you for being such a brave and heroic individual. I am truly deeply sorry for your loss.

Posted by Shane Garland

I knew Jon from nursery school. Later we went to the same junior high and high schools (we once saw Rush in concert together), but I lost touch with him after that. He was a witty, creative guy with a bright future ahead of him. My heart goes out to his family. Just wanted to let them know I knew him all those years ago, and was able to bear witness to some of life. He's left many indelible impressions on me.

Posted by Donal Markey

I knew Jon from Dillon Read. What a great guy--always smiling! I posted on Frank Summerville's FB at the 10th Anniversary and connected with someone who knew Jon and his family. I was glad to hear they were well.

Posted by Betsy Malavet

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