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My daughter Michelle taught at Todd Beamer High School in Federal Way WA. What a wonderful tribute and a continuing memorial to have a school named in his honor. My daughter was very proud to have taught there. To Todd s family you are especially in my prayers today.

Published by Gayle Turner

In watching all of the events of the recent capture and killing of Bin Laden I was reminded of Todd and his bravery on the airplane. His memory will forever be etched in my mind and when I define bravery to my students I always link it to the actions of this heroric man. To Todds family you were lucky to know him.

Published by Angela Poole

Remembering you, Todd's family especially this weekend.

His example of heroism truly defines the word.
You are lucky to have had him, and the world is lucky to know of his strength and courage.

You are in our thoughts and prayers today, and always.

We will never forget.

Posted by Vic and Carly Stolle

I have read Lisa's book. I have watched movies. I have read "called." Todd was, to me, the ultimate of a gracious, spiritual, human being. I wonder how his daughter is doing who was born in January 2002.

Posted by Misty Groth

I am very sorry that you lost your life on September 11th, but I want to say "Thank you" for your bravery on United Airlines Flight 93 trying to stop the hijackers. I would hope I would have been as brave as you if I were in that situation. I am also very sorry for your family to have lost a loved one. I will never forget what happened that day and neither will anyone one else.

Posted by Kelly Baker

I know someone else who died that day. I didn't know Todd Beamer at all but I wrote a letter to his wife, so desperate for prayers I wasn't getting from my own church (one of the members said in 2003 "That happened clear back in 2001; you should be over it" and I knew they'd all stopped praying about it.) So I wrote a letter out of desperation, not thinking it would work and only as a last act of trying to hold out for hope.
I know she did it bc (hard as it will be for some people to believe) I felt it happening. I can't explain how I knew. My best effort is to tell the simple truth. I felt it happening. It didn't bring back our dead loved one, but it gave me hope to go forward instead of joining my loved one.
Since then I've found happiness, even thought this time of year is always difficult.
I'm writing mostly to thank all the people who prayed for me.

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