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I can only say Thank You for helping me get through the Police Academy. The stories that you told me about your mother gave me courage and strength. You are missed.

Posted by Donna Houlahan

Vincent and I knew each other due to my grandfather being his parents neighbor. I met him when I was very little and we were good friends every time I went to New York to visit Vincent and I would always talk about the fire service since I always wanted a part in emergency services since I was super young. Unfortunately our friendship did not last as long as Id hoped due to this tragic day (of which still makes me cry due to losing a friend and also some distant relatives of whom I was not super close with). Every year on that still very sad day I look at something his parents gave me. They gave me as a way to remember my friend who I looked up to at such a young age one of his uniform shirts. It may not be much to most but it is to me. Vincent paid the ultimate sacrifice the same as any other firefighter would trying to help those who need them. Another way I chose to remember him is to help mankind as he did but not as a firefighter. I am now 19 and an EMT-Intermediate. I enjoy helping others and it allows me to in my own way remember that the deaths of all the men and women brothers and sisters in public safety (Law Enforcement Firefighters and the lesser-known 43 EMS professionals) who died trying to help others in the worst moments in American history.

Published by Johnathan

Today I did the Charlotte 9/11 climb and I climbed for Vincent Kane. I have been on the internet finding back story and found this page. I was honored to climb for Vincent and I hope to every year from now on.

Posted by James Taylor

Remembering Vinnie on this 13th anniversary. I still recall the sickening feeling when the Towers were falling

Posted by Jeff Etherington

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