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Lt. Keith G. Fairben Way (Floral Park)


Dedicated to: Keith G. Fairben

Type of Memorial: Street


Location: Corner of Holland Ave. & Jericho Turnpike

City: Floral Park

State: New York

Country: United States


Open to Public: Yes


Description: In Photo; Diane and Ken Fairben, escorted by Reliance Engine Company Captain Lou D'Amore, reveal a commemorative sign in memory of their son, Keith, who lost his life while rescuing others during the World Trade Center attacks September 11, 2001.
Photo by Carisa Keane


More Information: Community Dedicates Lieutenant Keith G. Fairben Way

By Carisa Keane

Said to be rescuing someone amidst the rubble during the World Trade Center terrorist attacks when he was found, Keith G. Fairben of Floral Park became a hero like so many others that fateful day. Keith volunteered for Floral Park's Reliance Engine Company and also served as a paramedic for Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan.

On Oct. 17, three years later, neighbors, friends, family, fellow firefighters and dignitaries watched as his parents, Diane and Ken, unveiled a commemorative sign, Lieutenant Keith G. Fairben Way at the corner of Holland Avenue and Jericho Turnpike to salute his fearless passion to help others.

Captain Lou D'Amore of Reliance Engine Company thanked all who attended the joyous yet somber occasion. "Keith was a fellow firefighter as well as a good friend to many. He was someone who always did as much as he could between the fire department and Presbyterian Hospital. His nature was to help people, just as he did on 9/11. Today, having a street sign dedicated to Keith is a special way of saying 'thank you' for all that he did and a reminder to all of us every time we see it."

Reverend Albert Martin, department chaplain and pastor at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, offered the invocation. "We gather this day to remember our fallen hero, Keith. A wonderful son, a great inspiration to those who knew him, for everyone who knew him loved him and cared for him," he said. "This afternoon in a very special way, we remember Keith. We remember all that he meant to each and every one of us, especially those in the fire service."

Mayor Ann Corbett added, "This spot will be known as Lieutenant Keith G. Fairben Way. Keith never walked in this spot, he ran. And he always knew the way to the Reliance Firehouse. He was always quickly on his way from the firehouse to the homes and businesses for which the call for help was heard by him. As a volunteer, he was committed to helping his neighbors in the very place he grew up and loved, Floral Park. Using his example, let us dedicate ourselves anew to the service of others as citizens, firefighters and emergency responders in the fine and noble condition that Keith Fairben exemplified. Let us come here and walk this walk and look at the sign bearing his name. We will know the way and remember the sacrifices he made on September 11, 2001."

Senator Michael Balboni reminded friends and neighbors of the many young children who came out for the unveiling. "The little children that are standing here are the perfect backdrop to what we're doing today. I hope that when they have their children and their children's children and they're walking down this street, they look up and see this sign and ask, 'Who's Keith Fairben?' and the answer comes back, "He's a hero.'"

Senator Balboni thanked the many firefighters in attendance, including those from Floral Park and neighboring departments like South Floral Park and Garden City Park. "Thank you for all of your service, in the name of Keith Fairben."

A tearful Chief Fairben couldn't put into words the support and love that everybody has shown him and his wife. "I'd like to thank the mayor. I'd like to especially thank Mr. and Mrs. Doherety and their son, William, ex-captain of Rescue and a Floral Park police officer. Their efforts have made this come to pass and we're forever thankful to them," he said. "I'd also like to thank Senator Michael Balboni, who's been a true, true friend of Diane and I. We could never repay all of our brothers and sisters here today. Thank you. Remember Keith and all that he was."


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