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Todd Beamer Post Office Building (Cranbury)


Dedicated to: Todd Beamer

Type of Memorial: Building


Location: Cranbury Post Office

Address: 65 North Main Street

City: Cranbury

State: New Jersey

Country: United States


Open to Public: Yes


Description: On Saturday, May 4th, a dedication ceremony was held at the Cranbury post office. The United States Postal Service dedicated Cranbury's post office to Todd Beamer, a Cranbury resident who gave his life aboard United flight 93 on September 11th. Todd Beamer, after uttering the now famous words "Let's Roll," became an American hero when he and fellow passengers of United Flight 93 foiled the hijackers' attempt to reach a target believed to be in the Nation's Capital. Mr. Beamer and the other heroes of Flight 93 gave their lives so that further damage to our nation would be avoided."

The dedication was the result of federal legislation authored by Congressman Rush Holt, co-sponsored by the entire New Jersey Congressional delegation, and signed into law by President Bush. Many guests and speakers attended including Congressman Holt, Post Office officials, Senator Jon S. Corzine, Washington dignitaries, Cranbury Mayor Michael T. Mayes, the Township Committee, Lisa Beamer, Todd's widow, and David Beamer, Todd's father. The dedication was performed by Vito J. Cetta, District Manager/Executive-In-Charge for the Postal Service's Central New Jersey Performance Cluster.

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Web Site: www.cranbury.org/gov/beamer.html


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