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Village of Cold Spring American Patriot Garden (Cold Spring)


Dedicated to: The memory of 9/11 and the volunteerism, patriotism, and bravery it inspired.

Type of Memorial: Park


Location: Mayor McConville Park

City: Cold Spring

State: New York

Country: United States


Open to Public: Yes



Purpose: The memorial is to remember what happened on 9-11 as well as what happened after in terms of volunteerism, patriotism, and bravery.

Reason site was selected: Village of Cold Spring, Putnam County is a town of 2,000 people, less than one square mile in size, that functions largely as a commuter/bedroom community for New York City—including many NYC fire, rescue, and police workers. This is largely because it is just 50 miles from NYC. It has a population full of many multi-generation families and veterans, including the ex-Marine Mayor, and is overall a very close community. As such, it was hard hit by 9-11 and wanted to create a central site for remembrance. Mayor McConville Park has a handful of mature trees, a large planter in the center (which will be removed), and a large playground. It is centrally located on the most heavily trafficked road in the town, Route 9-D—which carries more than 4,000 cars/day, and is just a five minute walk from the Main Street shopping area. Until the 1930s, the site was the location of the central school, and it has been an ongoing 20-year park project.

Events planned for site: The memorial will consist of a flagpole surrounded by a circle of trees with six benches and some kind of a plaque/statuary also in the center. It is a passive design that they intend to create a small and contemplative space, one that is physically separate from the playground. Mayor Phillips indicated that the whole town would use this site, particularly on evenings and weekends, but highlighted the hikers, children, and kayakers as individuals that might take particular interest in a beautiful new greenspace. They believe that stewardship will be strong, and that the 30-40 people currently running the project will stay involved long term. They will hold a dedication on September 11, and currently have no other events planned for the site.

Do you believe your memorial is a sacred place?: The Mayor could not answer this question at this time, saying only that it will be a place for people to sit and reflect.

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Contact: joseph.heller@ny.usda.gov

Web Site: www.hvgateway.com/cs00.htm



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