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Orangeburg American Patriot Garden (Orangeburg)


Type of Memorial: Public Plaza/Town Center


Address: 26 Orangeburg Road

City: Orangeburg

State: New York

Country: United States


Open to Public: Yes



Purpose: The memorial is dedicated to the residents of Rockland County that were lost on 9-11. Planting trees around the granite memorial is a way to soften the space and to drawn in the public. Town Supervisor Thom Kleiner noted, "the way it is now, with just lawn, doesn't encourage people to go there...it needs shade."

Reason site was selected: Site is on the town hall grounds, directly across from a volunteer fire department. It is a very central location on a heavily trafficked road that sees 15,000 cars/day, ensuring public access to it. There are several existing memorials on the site that they hope to link together with a paved pathway and some shade trees.

Events planned for site: The engraved 1.5 billion year old granite stone was dedicated on June 9th of this year. The whole living memorial will have a ceremonial groundbreaking on October 11, with planting to occur in the spring. Ongoing public access is ensured, as many townspeople drive or walk by the site daily, and many town workers take their lunches in the park.

Do you believe your memorial is a sacred place?: It is a living memorial as a garden. The sheer power and strength of the stone makes it permanent, while the trees make if have a sense of solidity. Thom Kleiner said, "its a sacred space in that it is the only place in town visited daily for no other reason but to remember. It is heavily used, the memorial itself is so powerful, and the event still has such immediacy."

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Contact: supervisor@orangetown.com

Web Site: www.orangetown.com, www.patriotgardens.com



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