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PS4K Paradise Garden (Brooklyn)


Type of Memorial: Community Garden


Address: Glenmore Ave between Ashford and Cleveland Streets

City: Brooklyn

State: New York

Country: United States


Open to Public: Yes



Purpose: "To have a living memorial so that people become aware," Mary Sciales said. "While they say you can plant a tree for someone that died in Israel, we would rather plant one here in Brooklyn. One person had no burial, so its nice that they now have something physical, a living memorial that they can see."

Reason site was selected: The site was selected because the school garden is already established and each year at the Arbor Day ceremony, trees are dedicated to honor individuals--not just in mourning but in celebration as well.

Events planned for site: Along with this year's dedication, where the children and volunteers participated with music, poetry, and a plaque installation, there will be ongoing garden events. The site is used for science, reading, math, garden celebrations like picnics and barbeques, a public puppet show, graduations, weddings, etc.

Do you believe your memorial is a sacred place?: "Our garden is the only green oasis in the lowest income area of the city. It's a bright shining star that wouldnt be as unique in the country but makes a real difference here," noted Mary Sciales. The children can come and sit on the lawn learn respect for the environment and for life. It provides something positive in contrast to the violence and crime to which they are exposed every day.

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