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Shreveport's Liberty Garden (Shreveport)


Dedicated to: The Victims of September 11th

Type of Memorial: Town Center


Location: Clyde Fant Parkway at Veterans Memorial

City: Shreveport

State: Louisiana

Country: United States


Open to Public: No



Purpose: To remember the victims of September 11 and to inspire a renewed sense of patriotism in our community.

Reason site was selected: We chose to enhance our new Veteran's Memorial. The location lacked landscaping due to budgetary issues and we were looking for a place to plant a memorial!!! It turned out to be an excellent location for visibility as well as for the obvious association with the veterans.

Events planned for site: The first planting was a Unity Tree Planting organized by the youth from different faith demominations in the community. Led by a young man from B'nai Zion Synagogue, 30 youth planted 18 trees in December, including one live oak designated as the Unity Tree. On May 18, 25 volunteers will plant a 20' X 13' flag near the site...we'll use petunias and vincas in red, white, and blue.

Do you believe your memorial is a sacred place?: Sacred is a word we would reserve for more of a church-like spot. Our memorial has a great deal of meaning for the community because it celebrates our freedom - partly because of its veteran memorial status and partly because we have also dedicated it as a Liberty Garden.

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Contact: sg@shreveportgreen.org

Web Site: www.shreveportgreen.org



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