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Yonkers American Patriot Garden (Yonkers)


Type of Memorial: Tree Grove, Waterfront


Address: Esplanade Park, Kendrick Blvd

City: Yonkers

State: New York

Country: United States


Open to Public: Yes



Purpose: The purpose of the American Patriot Garden is to remember the 23 citizens of Yonkers who were lost on September 11. It also will enhance and help develop the newly created waterfront park.

Reason site was selected: The site was selected because this is a location on the waters of the Hudson, within the new sculpture park that the city is creating for the waterfront redevelopment. It is within the viewshed of the Manhattan skyline and the former WTC site. Once construction on the park is completed, it is likely to be a heavily trafficked public site.

Events planned for site: There will be a dedication of the garden upon completion, and the site will remain permanently open to the public. They are considering enhancing the site with a rose garden, but will not make any move until they determine what the community wants most.

Do you believe your memorial is a sacred place?: Joan Jennings of the Downtown/Waterfront BID hopes that the garden will become "a nice meditation site." Although limited in terms of size, the garden is located on the beautiful Hudson, featuring the flowing river, the view of the Palisades, a large open sky, and a sense of oneness with nature.

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Contact: yonkersdwbid@yahoo.com



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