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Healing Trees Project (Yonkers)


Dedicated to: Creating healing spaces throughout Yonkers related to 9/11

Type of Memorial: Tree Grove, Traffic Strip or Streetscape, Single Tree


Location: Various Sites

City: Yonkers

State: New York

Country: United States


Open to Public: Yes



Purpose: The purpose of the Five Healing Trees Project, according to Groundwork Yonkers director Rick Magder, is to use tree memorials as a mechanism for creating healing spaces throughout Yonkers related to 9-11.

Reason site was selected: The waterfront site was selected because it is an area of redevelopment as well as natural beauty. It is in the viewshed of the New York City skyline and the former WTC. The street trees will likely be planted across from the fire department, which has agreed to assist with maintenance. This site is appropriate because of the connection to the firehouse, it is near an exisiting groundwork mural project, and would work to connect their existing street tree plantings to a nearby park, and would provide cover in front of a parking garage. The St. John\'s church site is in the heart of the downtown, and a planting there would replace a recently fallen tree. It is a historic--250 year old--church that would benefit from improvements to its landscaping. They are also actively looking for more sites, depending on availability and community interest.

Events planned for site: They plan on holding volunteer-oriented plantings. Rick Magder noted that thhe project is "evolving organically," and that the plantings themselves are the ongoing event. They also hope to create a map and a PR campagin with logo, written materials, and a slogan to help link the sites visually and symbolically. They will hold birthday parties for their street trees and possibly 9-11 anniversery events and dedications, depending on the site. The nature of the project will evolve according to the input of the partners. A project dedication was held last September on the Yonkers waterfront involving over 400 people, dignataries and local uniformed services.

Do you believe your memorial is a sacred place?: "Sacredness depends on how good of a job we do," said Magder. He explained that \"sacred places are created because of the emotion that people bring to it, not just where its located." By working with the community, the fire department, and by confronting the memories of 9-11 and allowing the participants to shape the project, he hopes that the community will find the plantings and places sacred.


Contact: groundworkyonkers@yahoo.com

Web Site: www.groundworkusa.org/GW_USA/framehome.html



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