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Trees of Hope (Portland)


Type of Memorial: Tree Grove


Address: NW Raleigh

City: Portland

State: Oregon

Country: United States


Open to Public: Yes



Purpose: Friends of Trees was asked by the City of Portland to dedicate its 2001-02 planting season to community healing following September 11. We named our planting season the Trees of Hope season and offered people the opportunity to pay $10 a tree to have Trees of Hope planted. People who bought Trees of Hope before February 9, 2002, were invited to plant their trees along with people who had purchased Commemorative or Memorial Trees (trees planted in honor or memory of friends or loved ones) at a planting in Holman Meadow of Forest Park in Portland, Oregon, on February 9.

Reason site was selected: For several years now, Friends of Trees has held an annual Commemorative and Memorial Tree planting at a location in Forest Park, so people can plant trees that they've purchased in someone else's name and so people receiving the gift trees can help plant the trees, too. For people who are planting in memory of someone, it is a healing process to plant a tree or grove of trees that will grow as the years pass and become a living legacy. Others who plant trees in honor of people who are living - for a birthday or wedding, for instance - also appreciate the affirmation of giving or receiving a gift that will grow in time. Holman Meadow was chosen as this year's site because it was in need of restoration. The planting on February 9 was an act of healing for the people who were planting and for the area's ecosystem. Trees and shrubs were planted on the same day, since both are needed for a healthy ecosystem. Holman Meadow is easy to reach, just a short walk from a Portland neighborhood, so people can return to the meadow to reflect and remember their loved ones. Someone who planted with us on February 9 said the meadow was "sacred" now.

Events planned for site: We won't hold on-going events at Holman Meadow, but we did have an end-of-season planting in a Portland neighborhood on National Arbor Day, April 26, 2002. On that day, in addition to planting other trees in the neighborhood, we planted an honorary Tree of Hope to conclude the Trees of Hope planting season. The tree was planted at the Early Head Start Family Center at 911 N Skidmore, in Portland. (The 911 address was an interesting coincidence.)

Do you believe your memorial is a sacred place?: The place is sacred for those who planted trees there in memory or honor of friends and loved ones, and for those who planted trees in memory or honor of people who suffered from September 11. For those who actually planted on February 9, it holds the memory of placing trees in the ground and of planting in community with others who were also planting that day. It now is a meadow where people can go to witness the growing trees and the wildlife living there. It is a place for contemplation, reflection and hope.


Contact: terir@friendsoftrees.org

Web Site: www.friendsoftrees.org



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