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Legacy Groves of Somerset County


Type of Memorial: Community Garden, School Garden, Park


Location: Schools and Fire Departments Across Somerest County

State: Pennsylvania

Country: United States


Open to Public: Yes



Purpose: Because the permanent memorial at the Flight 93 crash site will remain a long time in coming, this project involves doing plantings now throughout the community to try and unify the area. Moreover, the memorial at the crash site will be national in scope, while these memorials remain local, community driven, and focused on community needs.

Reason site was selected: In a small town suffering from great tragedy, the administrative burden has been large, so exact sites have not yet been chosen. Their grant application states, “to link the project at the site with the surrounding community, and to encourage healing and hope in the future, we would propose the planting of living memorial trees at the eight Somerset County volunteer fire departments that served as first responders and in each of the County’s eleven school districts...”

Events planned for site: They plan to hold tree plantings involving school children and volunteer fire departments. The design and the implementation of the project will be very inclusive and open to input. The sponsor works closely with the families of Flight 93 victims in the memorial process, while also soliciting input from clergy, historians, government representatives, community leaders, emergency responders, veterans, and educators.

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Contact: Kathryn P. Maloney at (610) 557-4103 or kmaloney@fes.fed.us

Web Site: www.conemaughvalleyconservancy.org



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