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September 11 Memorial Grove at Kingman Island (Washington D.C.)


Type of Memorial: Park


Location: Kingman Island

City: Washington

State: District of Columbia

Country: United States


Open to Public: Yes



Purpose: The project website states that “the Memorial Tree Groves Project will pay lasting tribute to the tragic events of September 11, 2001 with one central and eight ward-based neighborhood memorial tree groves. The project will give residents and visitors alike a place to reflect on this difficult time in our nation’s history. Through careful site and species selection, the project will showcase the long lived nature of trees, which are symbolic of the historical strength and determination of our nation.” Their stated mission is to create a "local memorial of national significance." Goodinson also added that these memorials, as living memorials of trees, will "show Washington DC that there is a different way to memorialize, and it doesn't have to be just hardscape."

Reason site was selected: The Central site will be located at Kingman Island, in the middle of the Anacostia River. Connected by wooden bridges, the islands are part of the city and community's plans for an island nature center and neighborhood open space resource. The memorial is a welcome enhancement by maintaining the natural and peaceful attributes of the river. According to their FS proposal, "this island, owned by the District of Columbia, was chosen for several reasons: it can accommodate a large number of trees fitting for a central place of reflection; it straddles the eastern and western portions of the District thereby representing the entire city; it will serve both as a memorial site and an area of ecological benefit; it is currently under restoration for forest/wetland habitat by the DC Department of Health, DC Department of Parks and Recreation, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Army Corps of Engineers thereby strengthening the theme of ecological benefit and developing partnerships, and; it is accessible by existing mass transit routes. In addition to the central site, there will be eight ward-based satellite sites located throughout the District."

Events planned for site: There are opportunities for ongoing volunteer involvement in tree planting, maintenance, and pruning. A dedication will be held in the future in which the Lummi totem that traversed the country being blessed by tribal nations will be installed on the site. The island will be linked to a nature center, likely on the mainland, that features information on the restoration of the island and the interaction between humans and nature over the course of the island's existence. The island will be available for ongoing passive recreation and contemplation in the memorial grove.

Do you believe your memorial is a sacred place?: Goodinson replied that the third node planned for Kingman Island will be the heart of the site. "You happen upon the Lummi pole, camoflauged in the trees, and the stone council circles," he said. He believes that this loaction, and possibly some of the water overlooks will be sacred spaces once they are completed.

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Contact: bgoodinson@greenspacesfordc.org

Web Site: www.livingmemorialsproject.net/registry_results.asp?myID=115200234707PM_9885



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