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In God We Trust, United We Stand, September 11, 2001 Memorial Garden (Beaumont)


Type of Memorial: Community Garden


Address: 6088 Babe Zaharias Drive

City: Beaumont

State: Texas

Country: United States


Open to Public: Yes



Purpose: Director of the Beaumont Botanical Gardens and designer of the site Bob Whitman responded simply: "lest we not ever forget."

Reason site was selected: It was an undeveloped piece of property right out front of the Gardens. Its location places it separate from the rest of the site, is publicly visible and isolated like a memorial island unto itself. The design is of a pentagon-shaped structure with three flagpoles and two bronze eagles at the entrance, two granite twin tower memorials, eight smaller towers, a bronze statue of a German Shepherd rescue dog,and red, white, and blue seasonal plantings. The blooming white myrtles are to represent doves and symbolize peace.

Events planned for site: The dedication ceremony occurred nine months and eleven days after the attack and included: a performance by the Southeast Texas Symphony Quintet, an invocation by a Baptist minister, welcome by the Beaumont mayor, speeches by a congressman and members of the FDNY, flag raising by veterans and Boy Scouts, and a consecration of the soil from the crash sites. Annual memorial plantings are anticipated.

Do you believe your memorial is a sacred place?: This memorial has soil from all three crash sites scattered amongst the soil and plants, making it hallowed ground.

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Contact: director@beaumontbotanicalgarden.com

Web Site: www.beaumontbotanicalgarden.com



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