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Wilton Woods Memorial Garden (Alexandria)


Dedicated to: The lives lost in war and those whose lives are currently at risk fighting for our freedom.

Type of Memorial: Community Garden


Address: 3800 Ivanhoe Lane

City: Alexandria

State: Virginia

Country: United States


Open to Public: Yes



Purpose: After 9/11, we wanted to express our community's patriotism and join together to honor lives lost in war and those whose lives are currently at risk fighting for our freedom. This includes police and fire units as well as those engaged in disaster relief efforts throughout the world. This garden is open to the public and highly visible in our community. We want this garden to be inclusive - open to everyone. We do not want anyone to feel isolated and that they cannot be part of this place. It is intended to be a place of serenity and reflection for all.

Reason site was selected: A member of our community led the call for action on this project. It was formally a dump-site and its revitalization has been an inspiration to the community at large. The garden is located in a publicly accessible - and visible location. To date the project has received several awards including the Kellogg National Gardening Award and the Capital Area Garden Club Award. Wilton Woods earned "first place" in the Keep Virginia Beautiful 2002 Public Property Competition.

Events planned for site: We intend to hold small public events in honor of the nation's patriotic holidays. This group may hold other special events in the garden over time to celebrate national service and community.

Do you believe your memorial is a sacred place?: Our garden memorial offers an opportunity for serenity and reflection. It is also has a patriotic spirit. We do not think of it as "sacred" as defined formally as a "sacred shrine or hallowed ground." We would prefer for all to feel welcome here and avoid any religious or separatist connotations.

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Contact: sammccutch@aol.com

Web Site: www.livingmemorialsproject.net/registry_results.asp?myID=1015200293406AM_750



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