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Million Flower Garden (Seattle)


Dedicated to: All of those lost on 9/11.

Type of Memorial: Community Garden and Park


Address: 15th West Street and West Wheeler

City: Seattle

State: Washington

Country: United States


Open to Public: Yes



Purpose: The Million flower garden is to serve as a place for solace, serentiy, and sanctuary, and will be created out of the "million flower" compost.

Reason site was selected: This abandoned lot is adjacent to the existing Seattle P-Patch community garden, which is already fully planted. They are in the process of acquiring the use of this city parks land. It is also on a main arterial roadway and near a bus stop, so public access will be good.

Events planned for site: This project closes the loop on the memorializing process by creating compost out of the millions of flowers that were left at the Seattle center fountain after September 11. As such, creating a garden from the compost is a metaphor for renewal and life. The garden will be well designed and landscaped, having already received praise at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. There are plans to have programs there with a music feature, like a solo musician playing flute or cello.

Do you believe your memorial is a sacred place?: The project consecrates the compost and honors the unique history of the flowers that were generated after September 11, involving hundreds of community members in the process.

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