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Grove of Remembrance (Jersey City)


Dedicated to: NJ Resident Victims of 9/11

Type of Memorial: Trees


Location: Liberty State Park

City: Jersey City

State: New Jersey

Country: United States


Open to Public: Yes


Description: This Grove of Remembrance (GOR) is a powerful living tribute to NJís 691 victims of 9/11. The Grove is a natural sanctuary which will inspire reflection and hope for generations to come. As the sun, rain, and earth will nourish the trees, the GOR will nourish our spirits. LSP is sacred ground because of its closeness to Lady Liberty and Ellis Island, and because this green park is scarce open space in this concrete densely populated region. The role the park played on 9/11 as an evacuation center for 1000s of people, the compassionate work of park employees on that sad day, and the parkís becoming NJís Victimsí Assistance Center, all make LSP an even more sacred NJ and American public park. The GOR radiates with the beauty of sacredness. Someone once said that groves of trees were Godís first temples. The parkís natural beauty, peacefulness, and free open space constantly inspire reflection on our lives and connects with our soul. The GOR makes the park an even richer spiritual resource. The Park is a backdrop for a historic Gateway to America and the GOR will open a Gateway to our hearts. The GOR is a meaningful addition to LSP, which is among our nationís most special places, comparable to Washington DCís National Mall between the Washington Monument and the Lincolnís Memorial. The Grove makes this park an even more special place. This park is the Peopleís Park. Caring citizens have put democracy into action many times to defend this free park against commercialization threats. Lady Liberty and her torch sparks feelings about freedom and democracy and Ellis Island evokes the memory of the hardships endured by the millions who immigrated here. The GOR makes the park an even stronger symbol of our nationís democracy, values, and dreams. This is a great addition to LSPís beauty and majesty. It creates an attractive Northern entrance, and softens our approach to the empty skyline up the cobblestone road. I also want to thank the Prudential Foundation for their generous donation for the landscaping, grass & paths around GOR. This park is a green oasis for people to enjoy relaxation, recreation, nature, history, and mostly free cultural events. The GOR will increase the parkís great value as a family park and community space. People of all ages, of all cultural backgrounds, and from around our state, nation, and world will gather in the presence of these trees, and be stronger for doing so. The attack of 9/11, must ultimately lead to bringing the people of the world together. The GOR which millions of people will see must become a bridge from the darkness and pain of 9/11 to a future better world. The GOR is a place of sorrow and hope and is also a call to action. The leaves of these quiet trees call out to us about our moral obligation of conscience to remember the NJ victims and all who perished, and the trees also call out to each of us about our responsibility to work in our communities for a more loving, just and peaceful world. Thank you again, NJ Tree Foundation, for this Grove, whose symbolism and life enriches this treasured park and enriches our souls. -- Sam Pesin, Pres.


Web Site: libertystatepark.com/1/grove.htm


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