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Wayne County 9/11 Memorial Monument (Honesdale)


Dedicated to: Victims and Responders of 9/11

Type of Memorial: Monument


Location: Wayne County Courthouse, Front of Dimmick Building

Address: 925 Court St

City: Honesdale

State: Pennsylvania

Country: United States


Open to Public: Yes


Description: This monument is constructed from granite and steel beams that were salvaged from the World Trade Center. The stone came from two different states. The gray granite was quarried in Vermont and the black polished granite was from Somerset County Pennslvania, the same county where Shanksville, PA is located. It also has a memorial plaque.

The scene on the monument depicts the committee's rendition of a composite of two now famous scenes. The background shows parts of the area known as "ground zero." There stands an almost seven story tall piece of the facade of the buildings which stood atop a five stories high pile of rubble. Smoke appears to rise from this pile. Two uniformed figures represent the bond of cooperation between civilian and military services. Two large cast stars represent The Pentagon (left star) and Shanksville, PA (right star).

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More Information: Plaque reads: "LEST WE EVER FORGET. On a clear day, September 11, 2001 America suffered surprise attacks by foreign terrorists upon her homeland. At the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon outside Washington, and finally in a field near a village named Shanksville in Pennsylvania. After a time, rubble was removed, smoke and minds cleared, yet the memory remained. The People of Wayne County decided to erect a permanent memorial to stand as a permanent reminder, not of the suffering our country has endured, but to honor those who serve and save us in times like that day. We pay tribute to our firefighters, police, emergency medical personnel and armed services, all of whom continue to dedicate themselves to serving, saving, and protecting the rest of us. Steel from "Ground Zero" in NYC, American Stone, Land, Labor and Love completed this monument.

Dedicated by the Grateful People of Wayne County, Pennsylvania.

This 11th Day in the Month of September 2005."

Contact: E-mail or call Juliann Doyle at jdoyle@co.wayne.pa.us or (570) 253-4262

Web Site: www.co.wayne.pa.us/?pageid=52



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