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This section of the VOICES web site has been temporarily frozen. It reflects VOICES important contributions to public policy, which include supporting the creation of the independent, bi-partisan 9/11 Commission and legislation based on its recommendations. Please feel free to explore the section, which is a rich historical resource.


VOICES continues to advocate for the causes above, particularly regarding improved local and national preparedness. For updates on these and other issues, please visit the In the News section of our web site.


"Come Together" by Coben, age 10

The 9/11 plot targeted America, but reverberations from the attacks have deeply affected all nations and will continue to shape world events for decades to come. 9/11 showed that America’s security does not exist in a vacuum. We must pay better attention to cultural sentiments and political climates across the globe to anticipate security threats before they materialize. No nation is immune to the threat of terrorism, and a lasting solution to the threat must incorporate perspectives and ideas from many sides. America cannot accomplish its security goals without the cooperation of our traditional global partners, or without seeking new partnerships in Arab and Muslim nations.

Read these pages to learn about the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations in the areas of foreign policy and diplomacy, and how the government has responded. The post-9/11 world presents new dangers—especially the use of weapons of mass destruction—but also new opportunities for America to join with other nations to make A Safer World for all, and for generations to come.

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