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Internship Program


Our internship program is open to high school, undergraduate and graduate students looking to broaden their experiences and learn from working at a non-profit organization. We accept internship applications for both our CT and NJ offices. High school applicants come with a range of interests, and college students may be from any major or discipline. VOICES internships have prepared dozens of students for careers in public service, social work, communications, event planning, business, and information technology.

Applicants must have relevant experience, be self-motivated, have the ability to work independently as well as a part of a team, and must be able to commit to a regular schedule.


VOICES High School Internship Program

High school students can volunteer after school, in special programs during the spring semester of senior year, or during the summer. During summer vacation, the VOICES New Canaan office offers a program for highly motivated rising high school seniors. The students research a 9/11 topic of their choice, film interviews and then edit a short film. The film is part of a presentation that is shown to local high school students and community members. Videos from past years are available to view on our website.


VOICES College Internship Program

College students can participate in internship programs in their area of interest during the semester or during their summer vacation. This program provides hands-on experience for students interested in 9/11 issues, communications, public policy reform, event planning, social work, business, and information technology.

Information Technology – Graphic Design, Data Entry & Website Design

Job Responsibilities:

Modify digital content for the VOICES 9/11 Living Memorial Digital Archive Project, which includes creating online tributes that commemorate the stories and lives lost on 9/11
Manage current content and develop enhancements to the VOICES website, including formatting and uploading information and multimedia elements
Assist with other general office projects as necessary


Job Responsibilities:

Help create and maintain internal library system for VOICES materials
Scan photographs, documents and other files for archival purposes
Organize and tag digital content as necessary for database storage
Collaborate with Graphics Director and assist with tasks related to the VOICES 9/11 Living Memorial Digital Archive Project


Job Responsibilities:

Participate in planning and implementing VOICES overall communications plan, which includes newsletters, e-communications, advertisements, social media, and various print materials
Help promote VOICES sponsored events, including forums and galas as well as events sponsored by other organizations that support our mission
Create copy for brochures, pamphlets, and webpages
Research and report on a variety of topics for use on social media or the website, including current news stories, legislation, mental health, 9/11-related articles, and others
Manage and update our list of media contacts
Assist with other general office projects as necessary


Job Responsibilities:

Lead all video-related aspects of interview projects, including handling all equipment, technology and materials required
Shoot and edit footage of VOICES sponsored events
Organize and edit footage from VOICES video archive
Assist with other multimedia and general office projects as necessary


Job Responsibilities:

Conduct literature reviews, interviews or other tasks related to any current VOICES research projects
Help expand VOICES Center of Excellence with research materials
Manage annual surveys and feedback from members of our database

Social Services

Job Responsibilities:

Assist Program Director with case management related to the needs of 9/11 family members, survivors, and rescue and recovery workers
Complete program and event outreach throughout New Jersey and the metropolitan area
Search internet and other sources to locate families of victims not in our database
Research, photograph and document 9/11 Memorials (add to database, obtain up-to-date photos and mailing addresses) including those from corporations and universities
Identify available local support resources
Assist with other general office projects as necessary


All inquiries should be directed to Frank Fetchet at Please include a resume with your name, address, telephone number, email address and field of interest.



VOICES Provides Support Services

VOICES Staff Provides Support Services Including: Assessments, Support Groups, Referrals, Commemorative Events, Workshops.

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